Longhe UK provides a unique consultation service to help OEM and companies to have a clear picture of how to get the best value out of their supply chain.

The Longhe consultation service provides advice that will provide:

  • cost effective manufacturing and supply chain solutions,
  • increased efficiency,
  • support and impartial advice when you need it,
  • experience from industry experts.

Our specialist team of advisers have a combined experience of 23 years in the various production-driven environments at JCB. This experience gives us the advantage of being able to look in detail at your production and supply chain processes to ensure they are efficient, cost-effective and compliant.

If you have an issue or query with a supplier, and don’t want to have to jump on a plane to resolve it, then why not hand it over to us to act on your behalf? Our experience and practical knowledge means that we understand the systems, politics and strategies of large organisations as well as knowing many of the key people in quality, materials, engineering and purchasing.

Our team of specialists can provide:

  • Understand the sourcing policies
  • RFQ process knowledge
  • Manufacturing process know-how
  • Interpretation of drawings and Standards
  • Excellent communication network
  • Understand cultural differences
  • Wide experience of Sampling and ISIR processes
  • Direct experience of NPI
  • Full understanding of the rejection system

For further information please call us on

01332 742635

or email